live blogging while watching “across the universe”

full disclosure: the movie is currently paused because dan is smoking, so the “live blogging” claim is a stretch.

for those of you who, like me, sort of missed the boat on across the universe, it’s basically moulin rouge with beatles songs. translation: the music is better, but the movie doesn’t make any sense.

jude goes to america looking for his dad and meets lucy, whose brother maxwell goes to vietnam which turns lucy into an anti war activist – or possibly part of the weather underground.

which is the problem with the film overall. it’s the sixties! anything goes! it’s perfectly fine to introduce the detroit race riots, completely unrelated to plot as a way to get your jimi hendrix-esque character to move to new york city and hook up with your janis joplin-esque character…

no one in the film seems to know what’s going on either, except that they must fit in as many beatles songs as possible, loosely linked together by some spoken lines.

honestly, it’s not a bad movie – when it sticks to the plot, the characters are likable, and the sixties provides endless fodder for a tumultuous love story (as any screenwriter already knows). the problem is, the decade wants to muscle the actors off screen, and the pace of the move is totally lost when the psychedelic effects take over.

if girltalk was in charge of vh1’s “i love the sixties” series, but only allowed to use beatles music, the result would be across the universe.

dan’s take: “i don’t know about that one.”


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