“get with the program”

i’ve only got a couple of minutes, but i absolutely had to share a link i found on feministing.com today. it’s a new “program” for women to learn how to make “smart choices” about their partying. apparently, there is a line between having fun and having regrets, and it is the sole responsibility of women to steer clear of that line.  case in point:

If you or a woman you care about has had experiences while drinking or partying that no one wants to repeat, it might be time for a change.

experiences i don’t want to repeat: throwing up, picking fights with boyfriends, public make out sessions. experiences that should never happen in the first place: getting raped. how about that for a “fine line”?

When a woman parties, sex and drinking may often go together, even if she didn’t plan for it to happen that way.

i’m so fucking sick of the euphemisms.  by “may often go together,” you mean rape. so say it: if you drink too much, you may get raped. you may get raped by a good friend, who was also your designated driver, and supposed to get you home safely. you may get raped by a stranger, but that’s a hell of a lot less common.

should women take responsibility for their own safety? of course. but until someone creates a website for men to help them “party smarter” by not raping women who have been drinking, this website gets a giant “fuck you.”

oh, and if you complete the program, you get $50  in giftcards! jesus h. christ.


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