“It is both stylish and understated, and is packed with ergonomic functionality”

So this is cool:


It’s been a while since I blogged about the general suckiness of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. (Besides the ridiculous acronym – is it pee-ta? Is it pet-ah? WTF?) Of all the short-sighted attempts at social change, sexually exploiting women to call attention to the suffering of animals gets my panties in a twist.

Sort of like the vegan strip club in Portland that’s been making headlines lately. Club owner Johnny Diablo (seriously? Come one, dude), “said that introducing veganism to [men] at a strip club makes the notion more, well, palatable, even if the formula didn’t seem to work as well as he had hoped.”

Apparently boobs are the kryptonite of masculinity-sapping tofu.

My two cents – stop fucking pandering to the moronic dredges of our society. I know and respect plenty of male vegetarians, and their decision not to eat meat had nothing to do with anyone’s breasts (or other lady parts, thankyouverymuch).

The problem with PETA and vegan strip clubs is that the message about cruelty to animals gets lost in the ogling. Watch this video of Alicia Silverstone getting aroused by her veganism, and at the end, let me know whether you’re thinking about a boca burger or getting laid.

I became a vegetarian when I was twelve and made the connection between living cows and dinner. I went vegan at eighteen when I learned that the dairy industry is closely linked to the veal industry, which is responsible for some of the most hideous treatment of animals imaginable. I stopped buying products tested on animals in high school, after I did a research report on vivisection for my Composition class. The common thread here: there were no boobs involved in my ability to internalize or understand vegetarianism or cruelty to animals.

What it did take was access to true information about the industries that torture and exploit animals and empathy. And I can confidently guarantee that most dudes checking out PETA’s sexy ladies are feeling something, but it sure as hell isn’t empathy.

To illustrate: take a look at this ad by PETA and then think about this:

Small animals may be crammed into boxes and poisoned with hot, unfiltered engine exhaust from a truck. Engine exhaust is not always lethal, and some animals wake up while they are being skinned. Larger animals have clamps attached to or rods forced into their mouths and rods are forced into their anuses, and they are painfully electrocuted.

Both of these were created by PETA. I would argue that actual information, not disembodied snatch is the better messenger.  

To top it off, the group was created by a high school student in Ontario. How cool is that?


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