“i hate a lot of things but i love a few things”

The Eels quote above might be the new mantra for StrongandBrave.


So if you know me, you know how much this stuff bugs me: Women Inch Closer to Parity in Congress. It’s a race by race analysis of women who are running for Congress in seats currently held by men, and in seats currently held by women.

Feminists are arguing about this a lot regarding the Obama-Clinton race for the presidential candidacy. In brief – some women think women should universally support Clinton because she is a woman candidate. Other women don’t like feeling pressured to “vote with their vaginas” (I’m sorry, I don’t have a source for that quote, I’ve seen it a few places, and i adore the mental image of a vag in the voting booth. And yes, I hope to inspire another vagina-based dirtbag comic with this post…) and support Obama instead.

This is not to say that women supporting Obama don’t have good reasons. It just seems that the common thread is supporting not-Clinton.

Well. Back to the article.

“The first concern for advocates of increasing the number of women in Congress is that four women incumbents are not seeking re-election to the U.S. House this year.” Who are these advocates? Why haven’t that take Womens’ Studies 101? Just putting women into positions of power is not a victory for women or feminism.

Sometimes people with vaginas are very, very bad at advocating for other people’s vaginas. Shout out to Ann Coulter and Dr. Laura Schlessinger – you suck. I and my vagina hate you.

Case in point, also from the article:

Heather A. Wilson , Republican, New Mexico. Wilson is vying with Rep. Steve Pearce for the Republican nomination.

[For an open Senate seat, vacated by Sen. Pete Domenici.] Heather Wilson’s grade from NARAL on choice issues: 50%. Her opponent, Rep. Tom Udall received a grade of 100%.

So, Udall, who is definitely not a woman, voted the right way on choice issues all of the time. (Pearce scored 0%. Well done.)

This reminds me of the time I received an email from the White House Project listing the top women leaders to watch for the 2008 Presidential race. Among the top eight were Senator Hillary Clinton… and Condoleeza Rice.

I know I sort of just wrote a post about this last week in response to the article by Alice Walker. (For the record, both Clinton and Obama are ranked 100% by NARAL.) But I am constantly irritated by the idea that wearing a skirt to your swearing in ceremony somehow means you will use your power for good and not evil. “Parity in Congress” is not the point. Just putting women on the Hill doesn’t mean we’re any closer to equality for women overall. Just some thought.


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