This post is dedicated to Shelley, whose vitriol for twitter I find really entertaining.

So last weekend, Will introduced me to twitter. I had heard of it before – in a NY Times article about how it’s not really catching on…but the article didn’t really explain the service and was written in a really annoying middle-aged-woman tone. And I trust Will, on all topics except video games. And New Hampshire. And Weezer.

Anyway. It’s day three of the Great Twitter Experiment. I have three “followers” and I am “following” 6 people. Of the people I am following, 3 don’t appear to use twitter. Ever. (In fact, Shelley’s last “tweet” was 26 days ago.)

Of the three others, I am also friends with all of them on facebook and read their blogs; two work in my office; I have their cell phone numbers and they all use googletalk. Oh, and one of them is Dan.

Getting any more “connected” to these guys would require major surgery.

Enter twitter.

I’m supposed to keep people posted on my movements, using less that 140 words at a time. It works like your facebook feed, except it’s things people want to share with the world. For example, twitter won’t announce to the world that you’re newly single (accompanied by the sad little broken heart icon) unless you want to tell everyone. Twitter also appears to be ad-free – no invitations to join the Herbal Essences facebook group. Also, twitter has yet to tell me that “Dan is playing Scrabulous!” every damn day.

What’s missing from twitter are people using it. In my entire gmail address book only 6 people were on twitter. I haven’t found any additional people that I know. I sent out a few invitations to twitter, but no one that I invited has joined. I could see my mom being into something like this – it’s ridiculously easy to navigate, and it takes less work to create an account and profile than facebook or myspace.

But I feel like my parents are not tech-savvy enough for this to appeal to them – mom works as an admin assistant for an old folks’ home and dad is a driver for the same place. When I send them a text message they call me and ask me how to check it.

The Great Twitter Experiment is not yet over. I will give the technology the rest of Week One to catch on with the world at large. if that doesn’t happen, I may have to reevaluate my position.


One thought on “twitterpated

  1. Thank you for dedicating your Twitter post to me Mari. You are right, I do harbor a special hatred in my heart for it.

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