“i know you had no choice, but how i miss your voice”

Dreaming about teeth is a sign of anxiety, especially if your teeth are falling out in your dream. I have a recurring dream about this, in which I am in my Freshman English class taking an essay test and notice that one of my teeth is loose. When I touch it with my tongue, it falls out. I can’t leave class because of the test, so I have to surreptitiously spit it out and drop it under my desk. Then suddenly I feel another tooth that has fallen out and is loose in my mouth. Then they all come loose, and I’m just spitting out tooth after tooth.

I’m thinking about this because my mouth hurts a lot today, and it’s going to be at least a week before I go back to the dentist to get the dental work that I need.

And also…I just heard about a new movie coming to DVD next week. It’s called Teeth. From what I have read so far, it is based on the idea of the vagina dentata – literally “toothed” vagina. There’s some interesting information about the mythology around vagina dentata online. [Page is NOT work appropriate. You have been warned.]

According to Inga Muscio’s Cunt, the word “vagina” is based on an ancient word meaning “sheath for a sword.” And the premise of her book is that there are much better ways to think about your cunt than as the sheath for someone’s “sword.” [Sidebar: Microsoft Word insists that cunt is misspelled, which is amusing to me.]

It also brought to mind an episode from the first season of Grey’s Anatomy. I’m not sure if the writers meant to explore the concept of vagina dentata, but they wrote about a young woman who is sexually assaulted and bites off the tip of her attacker’s penis (with her mouth). He responds by beating her until she is in a coma. Because of her action, though, the rapist ends up coming to the same hospital, where he is reunited with his penis and the sexual assault charges he probably planned to avoid.

Anyway, Teeth already occupies the #1 spot on my Netflix queue, so if you’re interested in attending my viewing party, let me know.


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