“supersize, the american way”

so this is weird:

June 8, 2008
Op-Ed Contributor

Hermione Clinton

The Democratic nominating system favors the most liberal candidate — in this case, Barack Obama.

But there is a second reason Hillary Clinton lost that some are reluctant to openly acknowledge: a latent and lamentable sexism. She lost because the superdelegates — the Democratic establishment — went against her.

She became a caricature: too smart, too strong, too assertive, too rational, too competent. Think how the young Harry Potter and his male friends initially reacted to Hermione Granger and you get the idea.

— HEATHER WILSON, a Republican representative from New Mexico.

i’m wondering if it’s taken out of context, maybe. but it’s pretty crazy for congresswoman heather wilson (who received only 50 out of a possible 100 on naral pro-choice america’s 2007 congressional scorecard) has come out more strongly and publicly than, oh say senator boxer or speaker pelosi….

i’m just saying is all.


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