“and i will be the chair you kick away”

I’m super-disturbed by an ad I just saw on the NY Times online. Apparently, someone decided to make a movie of Chuck Palahniuk’s novel, Choke. I say, more power to them. I was underwhelmed by Fight Club. I saw the film first, which is always a bad idea, but I wouldn’t have pursued Palahniuk’s writing if a friend hadn’t passed off a copy of Choke.

Thus began a love affair with his writing that lasted until I read Snuff a few weeks ago, but that’s a blog for another time.

Anyhow, Choke is mostly about the main character’s psyche and his relationship with his mother. The ad I saw today, however, features the silhouette of shapely female legs in high heels strutting across the screen. The legs are only seen from the knees down until the female figure trips, stumbles into the open mouth of a male face (also in silhouette), and then just the legs are left, kicking helplessly outside of the mouth.

Creepy? Yes. But also weirdly misogynist and having nothing to do with the substance of the story, unless the filmmakers are taking a whole bunch of liberties with the book. Either that or the marketing team is counting on the fact that women’s body parts make people want to buy things like movie tickets.


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