“either love me or don’t waste my time”

I wish they made cat food for humans. Seriously.

I am not what you might call a “foodie.” My mom did most of the cooking in our house and she’s got a pretty bland palate. Most meals at home everything was seasoned with garlic salt. I didn’t try things like kalamata olives or brie until I was in college – actually I was well into my twenties before I gave brie a chance.

Anyway, there are a few days or a week of each month that I’m either too busy or distracted to think about food. I don’t have what you’d call an appetite; no type of food is tempting. I actually resent leaving my desk to go get lunch because I don’t want it. But I know that I need to eat, because if I don’t I get light headed and spacey.

I remember reading somewhere that by the year 2000 we’d have pills that contained all of our daily nutrients and just pop a pill a few times a day and be done with it. this might have been a pretty old book, but the concept is genius.

It’s at that point that I actually envy Zelda Fitzgerald, who eats half a cup of the Science Diet every day. Neither one of us put much thought into her diet and she does fine. If there was kibble for humans, I would probably be the target market for it.

Word does not like the construction of my next to last sentence. Instead of “Neither one of us…”, Word would like to suggest “Both one of us put much thought into her diet and…” I’m totally writing Bill Gates a fan letter after I finish the spreadsheet I should be working on right now.


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