live blogging while listening to jazzy hold music.

I am so confused.

This morning, Adam Rueben from MoveOn invited me to participate in a neighborhood walk for Obama to test out their GOTV (that’s get out the vote, for the non-wonks). I do love me some MoveOn, and if I wasn’t working on Saturday, I might just be there.

But then the Obama campaign emailed just now, asking me to host a Unite for Change house party on Saturday. I am in favor of unity, as well as change, but it seems a little weird that they’re organizing competing events with the powerhouse organization that can make or break the election in November.

I mean, you wouldn’t organize your own birthday celebration on the same day that your friends have planned you a party, would you?

It’s a little alarming, especially given that the Obama campaign has already asked supporters not to donate to “liberal independent political organizations” to try to control negative campaign messages.  I don’t think this will really hurt MoveOn or anything, but I would argue – and I wouldn’t be the first – that MoveOn’s endorsement of Obama played a significant part in his primary victory. And I get that message control is critical in a campaign – but MoveOn has millions of members, so clearly their message resonates with a few people here and there, right?

And it pains me to do this, but I’m inclined to agree with the quote from Chris LaCivita, from Swift Boat: “At the end of the day, every individual has a right to participate in the political process whether John McCain likes it or not. It’s their constitutional right.” I feel like I need a shower now.

Anyway, I know the temptation to do things yourself. I’m a control freak and sometimes I have a hard time delegating parts of my job to other people who can do them just as well because they might not do them exactly the way I want them. But I suck it up, because it’s really, really stupid to refuse help from someone who’s on your side and willing and able to work with you.

Especially if your spouting a message of unity out the other side of your mouth.


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