“video killed the radio star”

future majority is a blog that i don’t read often enough. but every time i sit down to try to catch up on it i wind up learning some new cool stuff and getting some pretty cool ideas for my own organizing. now that i’ve plugged the site itself, i have to take issue with this post.

basically, michael connery is live blogging while particpating in a panel discussion entitled “Making Offline Magic: Converting Online Friends to Activists on the Ground.” This sounds fascinating and i wish i’d been there. but i also wish that the organizers of the panel had made the effort to find one (1) female organizer to participate in their panel. now don’t get me wrong, they put together a good panel. a guy from facebook, some one from the fred thompson campaign, a guy from rnc ecampaigns and matt from moveon. (i know matt from moveon!)

so i would love to have heard the whole discussion, and i think their thoughts are useful. but i happen to frequent the feminist blogosphere and i know for a fact that there are many, many women engaged in dialogs about organizing online. i also know that, compared with moveon (for example) most of the pro-choice organizations i follow do a shitty job of online organizing. but i’m wondering if it’s the chicken or the egg on this one. is it because the internet is still considered a largely male space that feminist organizations don’t do much with it? or is it that feminist groups haven’t done enough online to be taken seriously?

two post scripts:

do not argue with me about the internet being male-dominated, because i will say in response “open source boob project” and i will win that discussion.

if i’m wrong about feminist groups doing really effective online organizing, please send me links and links and i will do my best to publicize them. i don’t want to misrepresent things, but i haven’t been impressed by most of the groups i’ve found.


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