i am oppressing you. right. now.

I don’t have a lot of time for this post because it’s Friday and I have all kinds of things to do. One of them is going to the Colorado Ballet, for the record. It’s a performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream which is a longtime favorite of mine. So I was getting final directions and logistical information just now, and I noticed that the Ballet is also organizing Girls’ Night Out this spring.

Apparently this means you get a free drink with your ballet.  This made me think a little bit on some things. Primarily, why does “Girls’ Night” or “Ladies’ Night” or whatever always mean giving women free booze? Why can’t it be Girls’ Night featuring music that doesn’t suck, or conversations about equal pay, or a free subscription to Bitch magazine?

Secondly, why is it “girls” having a night out. As though adult women don’t have fun ever? Or in order to have fun we have to act very juvenile?

And finally, why do so many people insist on spelling it Girl’s Night? It’s not a night out for one “girl”, right? Ideally it’s a night out for a group of “girls” together, therefore the apostrophe belongs after the ‘s’. Thanks for your consideration.


One thought on “i am oppressing you. right. now.

  1. you are one of my favorite people ever. i could use a subscription to bitch magazine way more than a watered down sugary drink. how come we never get whiskey when it is girls’ night?

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