“i’ll be the one with my heart in my lap”

What I am doing right now is watching a blizzard from inside the terminal at DIA. Where I should be is on a flight to Los Angeles, but the blizzard that wasn’t decided to prove its existence at 3 p.m., which was when I left my office for the bus. I missed checking in for my flight by 10 minutes, spent the next 10 waiting for “Special Assistance” and am now booked on the next flight.
Even better, the next flight is scheduled to take off during the peak of this storm.
Power is fluctuating in Denver and we’re all gonna die.
I would like to point out that this is my second flight this spring that has been preceded by 70 degree weather but coincided with a giant snowstorm. Is this an argument for never leaving Denver because Nature clearly conspires to keep me here, or an argument for getting out of here as soon as humanly possible?
The person sitting at this gate with me has now called 7 people and had the exact same conversation about his flight status. Mr. Phone Guy, meet Twitter. Twitter, Mr. Phone Guy needs you.


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