“is that why you don’t blog anymore?”

My Twitter addiction may be getting out of hand, but the reason I haven’t blogged in forever is that A) things got crazy busy with the move and such and B) I didn’t think anyone would notice.

There are things to blog about though. Here are some: I took a cross country road trip and now I live in Boston. So here are more than 140 characters worth of thoughts about things.

For starters, Boston. I live, actually in south Allston, about a mile from Harvard Square. I walk through Harvard a lot and have yet to run into Matt Damon. This is fine with me, because I hate Matt Damon, but I guess I sort of figured he’d just stick around there, reminding us that he wrote Good Will Hunting. Although now that I think about it, I read somewhere that he didn’t.

Things I have observed about Boston:

The “Massholes” thing is way overblown. People in Boston are not that bad. I mean, it’s nothing like the Midwest, but if everywhere was as friendly as the Midwest, other countries wouldn’t take us seriously. All you need to know to get around in Boston is: don’t make eye contact; don’t smile or say “hi” to anyone you don’t know; and saying “Excuse me” is for pussies.

For example: the mailman just walked into my office. When Lindsay said “hi” he said “hey”, but when she said “thank you!” he said “’kay” instead of “you’re welcome.”

Honking is a legitimate form of self-expression. You remember that old comedy bit about how “fuck” is the most versatile word in the English language? In Boston, it’s honking. You don’t just honk to avoid danger. You honk to express your feelings.

There are no corners or intersections. Only Squares. So Boston has so much history, they have declared every intersection of two streets to be a Square and named it after someone. On Saturday in Cambridge I passed Bunny Hill Square. In my neighborhood in Allston, every corner sorry, Square has a plaque and a little wreath and a little flag attached to the street signs.

Bonus trivia: I used to think there were no Happy Hours in Boston because they thought it would mess with their surly East Coast image. Turns out, it’s Blue Laws.


2 thoughts on ““is that why you don’t blog anymore?”

  1. You are so surly and East Coasty now. 😉

    Hoist a full-price beer for me!

    Denver misses you… No really, Hick made an official proclamation and everything.

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