try harder, humane society

[Insert requisite “oh hey sorry i haven’t blogged in forever” here.]

okay great.

pop quiz: what’s wrong with this paragraph?

“On a chilly evening last fall, a raid on a dogfight in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood on the south side turned up more than 50 people, including a pregnant woman and a few juveniles, in a basement watching dogs fight a bloody battle.”

so, yes, dogfighting is bad. and terrible and disgusting and sad. and i very much support the humane society working to eradicate it completely.

what i take issue with is the humane society specifically calling out the pregnant woman in the audience – as though her presence at a dogfight is somehow more immoral than the fight itself. because she’s merely a vessel for her fetus, you know? and when we see a pregnant woman doing something we don’t approve of, we have the right to judge her, on account of her precious, precious cargo that requires her to give up her right to self-determination…


yes, it sucks that 50 people attended a dog fight. bad news. but the humane society, like people for the ethical treatment of animals, needs to learn to stick to the issue at hand. dog fighting is appalling on it’s own, and there’s no reason to invoke a woman and reduce her to her reproductive status in order to prove that point.

so please, please, please keep up the good work — but stop practicing sexism while you fight animal cruelty.



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