who DOES that?

This is a quick one because I have 10 million work things to do. However, too egregious not to share.

So. Walking to CVS with my friend Sarah, and some guy yells “Hey! Excuse me! You, in the green shirt!” I turn around, guy goes “You were supposed to have dinner with me last night!”

It probably goes without saying that I did not actually know this person, nor did I have meal plans with him last night or ever.

I politely informed him he had me confused with someone else and walked away.

However, this raises two important questions for me: has anyone I know ever actually tried to meet someone this way? And: if you have approached by/approached someone else in this manner, has it ever actually worked?

Please share. I’m dying to know.


One thought on “who DOES that?

  1. dude, i had a very similar experience here in Austin over the weekend. it did NOT work for me either. perhaps our standards are too high?

    also- if you have a free minute (because i know you have so many) you should come to austin, because it freaking rocks.

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