if you can’t say something in 140 characters…

maybe it doesn’t need to be said?

so i was totally about to start blogging again, and then life happened, by which i mean work happened and i sort of forgot that was my plan.

i was in d.c. last weekend and found about 20 minutes to run around the american history museum, which is the best of the smithsonians. it was uber-packed because everyone and their mom, 12 cousins and 93 children were in town for the cherry blossom festival.  in any case, zo and i spent some quality time  with america’s first ladies. i hadn’t been their since 2003, so i was pretty excited to see michelle obama added to the chronology:

also, her inauguration gown? lovely.

perhaps i will try to take more pictures during my trip to chicago this weekend and my blog can have a new life as a travelogue of sorts. because everyone is anxious for photos of my upcoming trips to chicago and gainesville, am i right?

in any case, i am much better friends with twitter than my blog. the only issue being that i read back through a bit of my blog today and realized it was kind of awesome. so maybe i should try a little harder to actually write things that are meaningful and lengthy. the downsides, aka, things twitter has that my blog does not have:

219 followers. no really. 219 people read my tweets and i am pretty sure the majority are real people and not pornbots.

instant gratification. good for the ego.

megan mccain. enough said.


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