2012: Day 2

I spent the first day of 2012 doing nothing very exciting. Stayed in bed waaaaay too late, cooked good food, binged on Lost and started my final Xmas gift. The recipient is in Nepal for another week, so I gave myself permission to not stress about it till January.

Today, I will tackle projects and make New Year’s Resolutions. This is one of them. Do more creative stuff. Write. And knit. Experiment with cooking. Decorate my space. 2011 is sort of a blur. My goal for 2012 is to slow down and be more aware of my surroundings.

Be better to myself. I have a rather inconvenient food allergy that I choose to ignore a lot, because I’d rather have a cupcake now and feel sick tomorrow. No more of that. This means fewer days eating whatever and more cooking and planning meals. And eating on the nice plates instead of out of tupperware straight from the microwave.

Take more photos. Do things with them besides stick them on facebook.

It’s gloomy and windy in DC, so I’m posting a photo from December 26 in Napa. I didn’t take many photos since Middle Sister and Jason both got new cameras and did a pretty good job of documenting all of my visit home. But, here is Napa on a glorious, sunny December morning. My mom, cousin and I are on our way to a family friend’s winery. We sampled amazing wine, befriended a fat yellow lab named Katie, flipped through a family photo album going back to 1970, explored the caves he’d built himself and basically did wine tasting the way only natives get to do it. ❤



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