Elimination Diet: Day 1/28

I’ve been dealing with health issues for years. Most of my problems are digestion-related, so I’m leaving out the gory details, but stomach pain and other symptoms are pretty much a daily thing in my world. Lately (in the last two years or so) things have been getting steadily worse. I’ve know I am lactose intolerant since 2008, and at the time I was diagnosed my doctor suggested that I could be gluten intolerant as well. Since I was about to start work on the 2008 election, I decided to let that one go. I didn’t anticipate having a lot of time to pay attention to my diet anyway, and if I was trying to avoid dairy and gluten, I probably wouldn’t eat till November.

In 2011, I visited my first GI, got a bunch of blood tests and a colonoscopy. Everything came back normal. and for several weeks after the colonoscopy, I felt pretty good. My symptoms started returning slowly, but by the beginning of this year I was miserable again.

So the elimination diet is designed to help figure out what the hell might be wrong by eliminating all potential allergens from the diet and then adding things in one at a time. I’m doing the “28 Day Elimination & Detoxification Diet” from The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook. And I’m blogging about it to hold myself accountable to sticking with it.

I chose this diet because it was the most vegetarian-friendly of the approaches I researched. A lot of other ones eliminate all non-animal sources of protein, which seems ill-advised if you’re a life-long vegetarian. 

Today and tomorrow, I’m supposed to do a green smoothie cleanse. Then I’ll be eating pretty basic for a while (vegetables, fruit, rice, quinoa). I didn’t take a picture of the smoothie today, because it was pretty gross looking. I think I have a little to learn about smoothie blending (or I need a more powerful blender).

Today’s recipe:

2 collard leaves, rinsed and cut up

small handful of baby spinach leaves, stems removed

1 fuji apple

1 bartlett pear

1-in piece of ginger, peeled

2 cups of water

The flavor was okay (mostly gingery and…green?) but the texture was horrible. And it made a LOT, which is probably a good thing, but I would have been happier with a small batch so I could try another combination. 

I don’t really feel detoxified yet, but I’m not starving, so I guess I can do this for another day.


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