“What if it’s gluten?”

So I guess I’m still in the troubleshooting phase of figuring out what’s wrong with my stomach. After two weeks of tracking everything I at AND all my GI symptoms, I realized something important: even while following an “IBS-friendly” diet fairly closely and taking supplements and prescription drugs, I was still having symptoms. Almost every day. And I really miss feeling normal.

In pursuit of normal, I went out with a friend Friday night, and drank a couple glasses of delicious…water (alcohol is a major IBS trigger), while he enjoyed gin and soda. I’m always surprised by how supportive and genuinely interested my friends are in my GI issues and diagnostic process. I find the topic mortifying (maybe because it’s actually my GI tract we’re discussing?) but I seem to be the only one. Anyway, after getting updated on the past few months, my friend mentioned a colleague who recently went gluten-free and started feeling better in a matter of days. “What if it’s gluten? Tons of people are gluten intolerant. Maybe you stop eating gluten and you could be drinking right now.”

I’ve always been nervous about the idea of cutting out gluten. I follow a mostly vegan diet, so I worry about how much harder it will be to find things I can eat when I’m traveling or even just out to eat with friends. I bake my own bread and toast is one of my favorite foods. And seitan. OMFG.

Except that I’m sick, and that sucks. My current IBS “management” process involves twice-daily fiber supplements, hyoscyamine 4x a day and a peppermint oil supplement. Exercise is supposed to help so I’m going to the gym 6 days a week. And I’ve cut out alcohol, caffeine and all carbonated beverages. And I’m still sick.

Sorry, gluten, but you just might not be worth it.

Thus, the Great Gluten-Free Experiment of 2012. Just to see what happens. I’m hoping to blog through this entire ordeal, but my commitment to blogging has been spotty at best (I’m all over twitter though!). In any case, here’s day two*:


Oatmeal w rice milk, brown sugar and banana

These are Bob’s Red Mill Thick-Cut Oats, and they are delicious. Bob makes a gluten-free variety but these are not them. There are two reasons for this: 1) I just bought a big bag of the not-gluten-free oats, and I don’t want to waste it; and 2) my “gluten sensitivity” diagnosis was made by a lawyer. In a bar. So the Gluten Free Experiment can be a little less scientific. 

There’s half a banana in there. I HATE bananas, but I’m trying to eat one a day.


Homemade vegan/gf burgers: adzuki beans, quinoa, carrots, flax meal. Delicious, but I was a little distracted at the grocery store and didn’t buy anything to eat with them. Would have been awesome to have some avocado or hummus or lettuce or something. Follwed by apple sauce and half a banana (gag).


I worry about getting hungry throughout the day because I go to the gym before work. Today I’ve got brown rice cakes with peanut butter and some chocolate gf cookies that I picked up yesterday. They’re lucy’s and come in 3 other flavors.Image

And…I feel pretty good so far. This plan might just be crazy enough to work.


*So day one (yesterday) was sort of gf-by-accident, since I ate eggs at brunch and then was too sick to eat anything else till 8 pm. And that’s all I have to say about day one.


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