We need to talk about beets

Beets! They’re what’s for dinner.

I wasn’t sure if I liked beets. Mostly because they don’t look like a thing you should eat. Think about broccoli. Or pears. Or lettuce. You can kind of tell how you should eat them, just by looking. But beets just look like they want to be left alone.

This is why I don’t understand people who eat meat. Who looks at a cow and thinks, I want that in my mouth?

In any case, last night, I decided to get real with beets. Sautéed beets with garlic, salt and pepper, served with leftover quinoa and a little Earth Balance.

Fun fact about beets #1: your kitchen will look like the set of Dexter

Fun fact #2: you can make clever Lady Macbeth jokes that your roommate will not find funny!

Fun fact #3: if you eat enough beets (approximately 1 1/2 beets in my experience) your poop will be magenta. Festive!

So gluten-free day three had a somewhat rocky start. I still made it to the gym, which is my baseline for a “good” day. I’ve actually found that exercise can calm down a “bad” day, if I’m feeling well enough to get out of the house on time.

Breakfast was oats, banana and brown sugar with rice milk and a vanilla soy yogurt. I felt like a little extra protein was in order.

Lunch was leftover adzuki beans with brown rice and salsa and corn tortillas. Snacks were the same as yesterday.
I was feeling pretty low energy and dehydrated by the end of the day, but I went to a yoga class anyway. I wasn’t at my best, but I do think yoga is better than cardio for stress relief – for me, anyway.

Post yoga, Emily and I went to Ella’s on 9th for gluten-free pizza (I have so many photos to share, but I can’t figure out how to embed them on my iPhone). I had no idea what to expect from gluten-free pizza crust, but it was okay. Not as chewy as regular crust (it sort of…dissolved in my mouth) and a little crackery at the edges. But, I went to a restaurant and ordered and ate with minimal angst. Victory!

Okay, I guess the photos will live below the post. Cool.

Hope National Voter Registration Day was good for you. Rumor has it one of our campus chapters registered over 700 voters. In El Paso, TX. Pardon me while I explode with pride.




2 thoughts on “We need to talk about beets

  1. I LOVE beets!!!! They may be my favourite vegetable of all time. It was only a year ago that I discovered a love for them after trying them as a kid and loathing them (my parents only ever served them boiled with salad – yuck).
    I really like them roasted and then added to buckwheat and mushrooms. It is really earthy and needs something a little acidic to cut through it (pickled red cabbage works well). I also like them raw, grated with carrots and a little lemon juice.
    My favourite beet recipe is here http://herbifit.wordpress.com/2012/08/19/beetburger-make-these-and-leave-the-cows-alone/


  2. I just made beet-burgers myself (from How to Cook Everthing Vegetarian). My kitchen was delightfully pink, but unfortunately I don’t like beets enough to be sure that they’re actually good! Nice and moist, at least.

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