Hits and Misses

So I know we said the Gluten-free Experiment was unscientific. And by unscientific what I meant was I’m not ready to fully commit.

Besides yesterday’s not gf trip to freshii, I also went out to Veranda with a couple friends in the evening. And started feeling bad before we left the restaurant. The menu isn’t vegetarian or gf friendly, so I decided to give it a shot with a grilled artichoke with olive oil appetizer and a side of fries. No good.

I made it to brunch this morning – one of the best brunches in DC if you’re a consumer of meat/dairy/gluten. Try the homemade poptarts and adult milkshakes. For the Gluten-free Experiment, not so much. I ordered off the a la carte menu and ended up with mixed berries and hashbrowns with a glass of orange juice. Both delicious, but I was pretty jealous of the other items on the table.Image

Right now, I’m in full-on stomach coddling mode, with a goal of making it out of the house in pursuit of gluten-free beer this evening.  In the meantime, here’s a picture of my cat in a box. 


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