Roasted Butternut Squash. In a bowl.

My friend Katie has been doing some pretty amazing things with squash over at New England Harvest, so I decided to join the party. Disclaimer: I don’t normally just go play in the kitchen. I like to find a recipe, buy ingredients, measure things and turn out something that someone else assures me will taste good. Science.

Also, I really wanted to spend the afternoon eating ice cream and watching The X-Files.

But. There was this leftover butternut squash chillin’ in the fridge and I was starting to feel guilty for neglecting it. I already had a batch of quinoa and an open can of black beans. I was running out of excuses.

So here’s what I came up with. We’re still in the midst of the Gluten-Free Experiment (blood test results should be back next week) so this is vegan and gf. Also, quinoa and squash are soluble fiber which is good for balancing out the insoluble beans and sun-dried tomatoes. Aaaand, that’s the recipe.


ImageStep one: open a Dogfish Head gluten-free Tweason’ale, or gf beer of your preference. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.

Step two: slice your squash in half, scoop out the guts and pour a little olive oil into each half. Rub the oil around to coat the squash flesh (sexy!) but not too vigorously or you will have olive oil on your floor.

Step three: season your squash. I used minced garlic, cumin and black pepper. I should have added salt. Also, using a knife or fork, pierce the flesh so the seasoning can soak in while it roasts. Discuss with your roommate the source of the smoky smell in the kitchen. Determine it is something he spilled in the oven the last time he roasted pork. Gross. Turn off the smoke detector and open the windows.

Ready for the oven!

Step four: roast the squash flesh side up in a 400 degree oven for about 30 minutes. I think my squash took longer but I started off flesh side down at 375 and I didn’t actually look at the clock when I put it in. Google informs me that 30 minutes at 400 degrees, flesh side up is the accepted method for squash roasting. The more you know.

ImageStep five: combine 1 cup leftover quinoa and 1/2 a cup leftover black beans in a bowl. Add sea salt, paprika and a dash of water. Microwave for about a minute and a half. Chop up three organic sun-dried tomatoes and throw those into the bowl, because you are a genius.

ImageStep six: when the squash is “fork-tender” (thanks, Google!) Remove from the oven. Let it cool, unless you’re starving, in which case, carefully remove the flesh from the rind, chop it up and add it to the quinoa and bean bowl. Salt vigorously and throw some Tapatio in there*.

*I don’t know if Tapatio is vegan or gf, sorry. I just really love it. Please substitute your favorite vegan and/or gf hot sauce.


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