Now what?

I finally got the results of my gluten-sensitivity test back, and they’re negative.

I don’t know quite what to make of this. I’ve been feeling so. much. better without gluten. My IBS symptoms have cleared up almost completely. What seemed like an impossible idea four weeks ago turned out to be not really that hard – I can almost completely avoid animal products and gluten and not starve. And I can even have a drink or two and not wake up feeling like I’m going to die.

But science says I should be able to eat gluten. Is this all in my head? Could gluten be a trigger for my IBS, even if I’m not allergic/intolerant? Should I start adding gluten back into my diet?

Also, is it a coincidence that my IBS symptoms improved and I immediately developed a stress-related skin condition? I promise I’ve been roughly six million times more stressed at other jobs than I am at this one. What the hell is going on?


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