Boozy Vegan Rootbeer Floats

So I’m heading home from my friend’s milkshake party and thinking through my contribution to the evening: root beer floats with non-dairy ice cream. And Jack Daniels.

My overall assessment: meh. But with a little planning, this has the potential to be awesome.

First, choose your root beer carefully, dudes. I had Mug root beer because that’s all that CVS in Cleveland Park had available. Mug is an inferior root beer. I think Barq’s would work well here since it’s not as overwhelmingly sweet. Maybe Henry Weinhard’s if you’re feeling bougie.

Second, the ice cream choices at Yes! in Cleveland Park are sadly limited. WTF is wrong with you, Cleveland Park? The only non-dairy vanilla was made from coconut milk. A for texture, B- for taste. The coconut flavor really overpowered the vanilla and did not compliment the Jack Daniels at all.

Third, your liquor choice. A light rum would work if you’re into that sort of thing, but I think Jack is the best choice.

I had forgotten how much I love root beer floats and I’m excited to perfect my boozy float recipe. Suggestions welcome – and other favorite drink recipes, too.


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