obligatory thanksgiving status update

Seriously, is there anything more irritating than social media on a holiday? Wednesday and Thursday felt like an extended cooking/gratitude competition on facebook and Twitter.

Thankfully (ha!), we were hosting this year, so I was more focused on the cleaning, cooking and decorating than on which of my friends had the most impressive culinary accomplishment. And we made our own tablecloths. Out of a sheet. Because we’re fancy like that.

This was my first gf Thanksgiving celebration AND I had a couple of friends come to town on Friday to stay for the long weekend. These are the things that make me nervous – I have a really hard time managing my IBS symptoms when my routine is interrupted and I still have a hard time being spontaneous, since I don’t trust my stomach not to freak out on me from something unexpected.

Thanksgiving was a success, for a while – I impressed all the omnis at the table with Moroccan-spiced spaghetti squash (recipe here) over steamed kale and polenta with broccoli from Veganomicon. My roommate and his girlfriend made the potatoes with Earth Balance and Silk, so I was able to eat those, too. Not a bad deal, and not a Tofurkey in sight.

This is my number one lesson learned from years of being the only vegan/vegetarian at Thanksgivings: make things you actually want to eat. My family used to have Tofurkey on every single holiday because my mom felt like I needed a Main Dish – but after your fourth Tofurkey or so, you kind of start to dread the experience. Anyway, the spaghetti squash recipe is a favorite of mine. Super simple (bake the squash, heat the olive oil with spices and chickpeas, combine) but looks impressive and tastes amazing.

The Other Vegetarian brought vegan cranberry orange bread and bourbon pecan pie. Neither was gf, but I figured if I only had a small slice of pie and maybe didn’t eat all the crust I could manage. The cranberry bread was getting rave reviews from everyone, but I didn’t want to risk that, too. What I didn’t plan for was drinking All Of The Wine between dinner and dessert, so by the time we got around to pie, my plans went out the window. I ate a whole slice of pie and decided to try the cranberry bread, which was amazing, so I ate a couple pieces of that, too. Needless to say, the next morning was not fun – between the multiple glasses of wine and the bread things, my stomach was a mess, and my friends were due in around 1 pm.

I tried everything – went to the gym, took peppermint oil, napped, drank as much water as I could stomach – but I still couldn’t eat more than a banana till after 3 pm. And post lunch I ended up taking an Immodium anyway since we were out downtown and I was nervous about being near enough to a bathroom. IBS sucks.

vegan bourbon pecan pie. of doom.

We crammed a lot of stuff into a two day visit – saw Lincoln (highly recommended), learned to play shuffleboard, saw almost all of the news at the Newseum, ate vegan, gf pizza, went to a birthday party, brunched and started the Battlestar Galactica miniseries, which I had been meaning to watch forever. I did a pretty terrible job remembering to take my supplements on time (part of it is being kind of embarrassed to explain why I need to take fiber twice a day) so today I’ve been in recovery mode; trying to take it really easy so I can function tomorrow.

There’s probably more I could say about the weekend but I’m feeling a little cranky so I’ll save it for another day. In the interim, please enjoy this conversation between me and my friend Jen from the party last night. Scene: Jen is eating feta-stuffed bacon-wrapped dates (so I guess that’s a thing). I am eating chips and salsa.

Jen: “You look hot; how are you so skinny?”

Me: “Because I can’t eat anything?”

The end.


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