New Year’s Revolutions

Two things that are EVERYWHERE on my social media this week: the Handmade Challenge and the 52 Week Savings Challenge. Apparently I have an ambitious social network.

ImageWhile I do like crafty things and cooking, it’s not hard for me to make time to do it. The trick is to plan to do an unpleasant task like paying bills or folding laundry, and then log onto Pinterest and find something else to do instead. Easy!

Money, though, is something I am less good at. I am the immediate gratification type (and have been ever since I was a kid), I made very little money for most of my post-college life so saving money was totally theoretical to me until recently, and I have some pretty big student loans (that I try not to think about).

I like the idea of saving a tiny amount week-by-week, although for some reason I am tempted to put it in an envelope under my mattress so I can have a really fat envelope of cash in December. Because interest? What?

My other plan to revolutionize 2013 (see what I did there? You thought the post title was a typo) is to only go straight home from work two out of five nights each week. This summer and fall I became the poster child for homebodies. I was usually not feeling well, gave up drinking for a while, felt stressed that if I did go out with friends I wouldn’t be able to find food I could eat…chronic illness takes up a lot of mental energy.

Also, when you don’t really plan on living where you are long-term, maintaining relationships seems like a lot more work. But for the time being, DC is home, and it’s time to act like it.

Sorry that this post is the least funny thing I have ever written. I promise that there are funny things in my head and I will share them with you soon.


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