My Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 Wishlist

First, the bad news: I killed my computer. It was totally an accident, but since I knocked over a glass of wine onto the keyboard, I could at least be convicted of manslaughter. She’s dead and it costs nearly as much as the purchase price to send her in for repair, so I’m trying to make up my mind as to what to do next. In the meantime, all of my awesome photos of vegan and gf dining in Rehoboth Beach, DE last weekend remain on my phone, and I am writing instead about a TV show.

It’s a weird time.

Anyway, I maybe haven’t mentioned that I am a huge Grey’s Anatomy fan? Because I am, and have been since the beginning. The pilot episode open with one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite bands and it’s been love ever since. And yes, I roll my eyes at some of the more ridiculous plot lines but no matter how many times the series jumps the shark, I want more. After the season 9 finale (which I watched Friday evening because I was out of town last weekend), I felt that unique combination of satisfied and annoyed and anxious that only Grey’s can give me, and I started thinking about Season 10. Ten years of Grey’s Anatomy. It’s a milestone. So here, in no particular order are some things I’d like to see happen at Seattle Grace/Mercy West/Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital:

***Season 9 finale spoilers ahead***

  • Jos Whedon signs on to direct Season 10. Please?
  • April dies. I don’t care how, but I suggest ebola. Preferably before she has a chance to sleep with Jackson again.
  • Cristina bumps into Lauren (hottie pediatric surgeon) in an on-call room and realizes the reason she’s been pushing Owen away is that she’s totes into ladies. Cristina and Lauren team up to become a surgical dream team and develop an innovative technique for performing heart surgery on fetuses or something. Cristina convinces Callie to forgive Lauren for trying to break up her marriage. Owen…does something. I don’t know, I’m kind of tired of Owen.
  • Arizona and Callie reconcile, have lots of hot sex and decide to have another baby.
  • Meredith’s newborn (Bailey Shepherd) becomes possessed, Exorcist-style and gets loose in the hospital. Derek has to convince Meredith that there are some things surgery cannot cure and persuade her to allow the hospital chaplain to intervene.
  • It is revealed that Dr. Weber once saved the life of a mafia don, who decides that something about his death doesn’t smell right and shows up to question Jackson and Owen.
  • Several patients show up to the ER complaining of headaches and light sensitivity. All expire before Smash Williams and the annoying-but-good-at-brain-surgery intern can figure out what’s wrong with them. Post-mortem, the annoying one discovers mysterious bite marks that appear to be human, just as the corpses begin to reanimate…
  • After surviving a bomb, a shooter, a ferry accident, a plane crash, a super storm, a near fatal C-section and zombies, Meredith decides to visit a fortune teller to predict the next disaster that will maim or kill her loved ones. There, she learns that her mother had saved as a souvenir the gallstones from her first solo surgery – an elderly Romanian patient who put a curse on her for keeping them. Meredith and Derek have to find the gallstones in the bowels of the hospital and cast them into the sea to break the curse.
  • Dr. Bailey realizes that her husband is super fucking hot and that she can probably figure out how to be a master general surgeon and mentor while getting laid all the time and decides to move to L.A. Maybe she gets coffee with Addison (is Private Practice still a thing?).

There it is, my Season 10 wish list. I don’t expect credit or royalties if any of these ideas are used, but I think they would really do a lot for the direction of the series. Just sayin.


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