This is important

Apologies for being an absent blogger lately. I have my reasons, but they have less to do with food/IBS so I’m having mixed feelings about what/how to share.

ImageMeanwhile, I discovered vegan, gluten free Greek-style yogurt. And by “yogurt” I clearly mean “cultured almond milk.”

So the Yes! Market on 14th stopped carrying WholeSoy, which has been my yogurt go to since college. I’m picky about food textures (because I clearly have room to be picky about such things given all my food restrictions) so I was dubious about trying something new. Then I spotted the “Greek” design on this label and curiosity won. I’ve felt a little disappointed to be left out of the Greek yogurt trend – new dairy foods don’t hit the market very often, so I was sad that I was completely missing out on this one, but I didn’t think the stomachache was worth it to try something new.

ImageBut seriously, ya’ll are obsessed with your Greek yogurt. So even though this was kind of silly expensive ($2.09 for 6 oz, or roughly twice the price of WholeSoy), it actually seemed comparable to the price of the dairy versions and I decided to give this a shot. This is the strawberry flavor, which is pretty good. The texture is a little weird…it’s super thick and sort of…gelatin-y? Like you kind of want to chew it, but then not? It actually held the shape of the stirring instead of meldng back together. Also, it’s more filling than a regular 6 oz cup of yogurt. 

Since I’ve never had Greek yogurt, I don’t know how this stacks up to the real stuff. I think I could adjust to the texture, but I’m not sure how I feel about the price. (Also, I should have taken a photo of the nutrition info and ingredients and I failed. Sorry everyone.)


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