Zoom, zoom, zoomin’

Oh hi.

This morning, I accidentally got a caffeinated latte at Peet’s by my office. I mean, I ordered decaf, and the barista said “decaf” when he handed over the latte, but about fifteen minutes into my workday, I started feeling like this:

This is your brain on drugs

I gave up caffeine over a year ago, since it really aggravates my IBS. And today was a really bad day to test out my caffeine tolerance. My day job is in reproductive health, and 2015 is not the friendliest time to be doing this work. Last night, Congress, who had been planning to “celebrate” the anniversary of Roe v Wade by voting to ban all abortions after 20 weeks, decided that they didn’t really have the votes to do that. Instead of taking this as a sign that banning abortion is just a bad idea, they decided to try banning abortion coverage for everyone who gets their insurance through Medicaid and other federal programs.


My team had prepped our student activists across the country to call Congress about one abortion ban and suddenly, nothing we had prepped was usable. And the vote was supposed to start at 10:30 am.

Anyway, we got all new materials prepped and even sent out an action alert out by 10:17 am. But I was buzzing all over the office and feeling really self-conscious about it. Not cool. It’s now 8:12 pm, and I finished my work day, went to the gym, made dinner, and I’m still more awake then I’ve been in years.

Mashing chickpeas can be therapeutic
Mashing chickpeas can be therapeutic

So what does one make for dinner while supremely caffeinated? Nothing that requires a long attention span. I’ve been meaning to try this ‘Chickpea of the Sea’ Salad Sandwich, and since the prep was only chopping, smashing and stirring, it seemed like the right choice. I LOVE the vegan tuna sandwich at Busboys and Poets in DC, but they don’t have gluten-free bread, so I haven’t been able to eat it in a while. Fortunately, I picked up a giant loaf of Udi’s Gluten Free Whole Grain bread at the Costco this weekend. Seriously, this thing is huge. I’ve had a sandwich every day and barely killed half of it.

This is a pretty good approximation of the coveted Busboys sandwich. I used hummus instead of vegan mayo and added some Nori Krinkles. I’d make this again, but with mayo and I’d crush up the Krinkles before I stirred them in.

The whole situation took about 20 minutes to put together, not counting the time I spilled all the chickpeas in the sink and had to pick them up and re-rinse them. This may be related to the fact that I was putting this together as though I was a contestant on Chopped, instead of a regular human making herself a simple meal at the end of the day. Thanks, latte!

Sorry I neglected you. Here is a Zelda selfie.
Sorry I neglected you. Here is a Zelda selfie.

So I always feel like I ought to say words about long absences from my blog, but I’m not sure how to strike the right balance between “sorry, I was busy” and trying to write some sort of update post that summarizes everything since October. And also I should mention that I’ve been kind of depressed and not doing very much that’s exciting, in the kitchen or otherwise. This actually is IBS-related, to be honest. I’m feeling really fed up with the dietary restrictions and limits on what and when I can eat and planning my life around fiber supplements AND even with everything I’m doing, I’m not entirely symptom-free. And I feel like a bad partner to my ladyfriend, since my IBS frequently restricts our activities. Anyway. I’ve started seeing a therapist, so I’m hoping some of this will get better in the months ahead. And I’m adding blogging to the list of things that I should make time for because they me feel better about my life.



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