To infinity and Beyond Meat

It's beef...made of peas!
It’s beef…made of peas!

So can we talk about Beyond Meat? How do we feel about it? Why is there Beyond Meat? Who is it for?

I’ve always had mixed reactions to imitation meat products…it took me a while to come around on Boca burgers, Tofurkey and soy hot dogs. I think it’s because I don’t usually miss meat. I gave it up so long ago that I don’t really think of it as food anymore. And I’ve figured out how to cook tofu and tempeh pretty well.

Since my lady is now soy-free, my tofu skills aren’t as useful and we’re always on the lookout for protein (other than beans) that we can both eat. We’ve had some good meals based around Beyond Meat beef crumbles – they can be a little dry if they’re just sauteed, but added to a dish like SG’s vegan shepherd’s pie or this awesome tater tot casserole that I made for our Winter Solstice potluck, they’re pretty good.

Sometimes Twitter is too much power...
Sometimes Twitter is too much power…

I suspect that the target audience for Beyond Meat might be people who are struggling to give up meat or really missing it? I tried their chicken strips back in December – following the basic saute cooking directions – and my (omnivorous) lady thought they were pretty good. If they didn’t contain soy, she would eat them by choice. I wasn’t impressed by the texture. The strips were just…really…chewy. Kind of stringy? They’re pretty easy to cook, and the flavor isn’t bad, but I just didn’t get it.

So I happened to mention this feeling on Twitter a couple days later, and got a really sweet response from them. The problem is, I don’t know how they could improve. It’s not you, Beyond Meat, it’s me.

A couple weeks ago, I mentioned to SG that I was craving chicken fingers (weird, right?) and she showed up at my house with Beyond Meat chicken strips that she coated in gluten-free breadcrumbs and fried and served with chipotle mayonnaise. Yum. The texture of the breadcrumbs made the chicken strips more tolerable and the meal definitely hit the spot. So we had some leftover strips from that meal in the freezer and I decided to try something a little different last night.

If you're not roasting your broccoli, what are you doing with your life?
If you’re not roasting your broccoli, what are you doing with your life?

I started with sauteing six strips with some chopped garlic just until they defrosted and then added 1 cup of vegetable broth. I let them simmer until the liquid was absorbed/had boiled off and then let them cook a little longer to try to crisp them up.

I actually enjoyed the strips more once they absorbed some liquid – they weren’t as chewy or stringy. SG said the texture was more tofu-like, which probably means she didn’t like them as much. I served them with roasted broccoli and quinoa; I definitely need something to offset the texture of these strips. SG recommended cooking them in a cast iron skillet next time to get a crisper texture after the liquid cooks off. So…anyone have favorite Beyond Meat products or preparation techniques?


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