Meal planning and vegan pozole

Both G and I travel for work quite a bit, so the past two weeks have been a lovely post-holiday break where neither of us has had to go anywhere. When we’re both in town, we take turns planning meals for the week – our schtick is making dinners that yield enough leftovers for at least one day of lunches. G is an urban homesteader, so we always have plenty of canning jars for packing lunches around the house.

2015-02-17 22.13.13-1Pre-G, I was a Ziploc tupperware kind of girl, but I am fully converted to these glass jars. They’re inexpensive and they last forever – my ziploc tupperwares were forever getting warped by the dishwasher or microwave and stopped sealing properly after a few uses. They’re much easier to pack in a workbag – they store upright, so you don’t end up with the dreaded “curry bag” at the end of your commute. Also, they’re glass, so no potential weirdo chemicals will leach into your food.

Anyway, this is my week to plan. We decided to switch off weeks because G is a Virgo and loves planning, like, a lot, and shortly after we moved in together last year, I realized she had unofficially taken over meal planning. As someone who loves to cook and try new recipes, I didn’t want to completely hand over the kitchen responsibilities, so we try to take turns as meal planner/head chef and sous chef.

G is more of a “kitchen classics” cook, and when she likes something, it goes into a regular rotation, while I have Pinterest boards full of meal ideas and like trying new things all the time. It works out pretty well to have a week of recipes we know and love alternating with a week of experiments.

Our menu for this week is almost entirely new to me; I’ve made the potato soup before, but not for G:

And everything is vegan, gluten- and soy-free. #winning

I’ve never had pozole before; it’s one of many Mexican dishes that my mom doesn’t like, so I grew up thinking it was gross, despite have no idea what it was. I don’t remember my grandma making it all that often, but if she did, my mom probably made us chicken nuggets or something.

2016-01-10 19.20.17But G and I went to a brunch at my boss’ house on New Year’s Day, and she served traditional (pork) pozole and it smelled amazing. G had at least two bowls. So I’ve been on a mission to find a pozole that we can enjoy together.

We settled on the recipe from Epicurious, because it included ground cloves (which G identified as the mystery spice that made the pozole so amazing) and red kidney beans, which seemed heartier than the pinto beans other recipes called for. We served it with roasted potatoes for me, because IBS. I LOVED this soup, but G is on the fence. This one has too many ingredients for her, and the zucchini and corn felt extraneous. This is also not a very brothy soup, and we all took a little extra broth with our dinner portions, so the lunch jars are more stew-like. I would fix this by adding maybe two cups of water or broth after serving dinner, and letting it simmer a little longer, while G thinks we ought to cut the amount of each ingredient so the water to stuff ratio is more balanced (and ditch the zucchini and maybe the corn entirely — not happening, sorry).

This recipe fed three of us for dinner with four very full pint jars leftover for lunches. We may tweak it in the future, but I’m excited to have finally tried pozole.



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