Now even stronger & braver, maybe

Just a quick check in from where I am, which is Washington, DC, in a half-packed apartment. Like most of America, 2016 has been batshit for me and G, and we’re capping it all off with an end-of-year move to Raleigh, NC for her new job.

In 2016, G and I both quit jobs and found new ones (me in March-July and her in October), G lost her dad after a years-long illness (August), survived her pretty major surgery (September), celebrated our commitment with family and friends (October), witnessed the end of U.S. Democracy (November), planned a move, cancelled our holiday visit to my family, bought a new car, and G got in a pretty serious car accident (December). And in the past two months, I’ve traveled to Seattle, Connecticut, Denver, Jackson, MS, and Raleigh. Meanwhile, G left to start her new job at the beginning of December and is coming home tomorrow to finish off packing and celebrate Christmas (with, like, takeout). We officially move next Tuesday.

The derp is strong with this one.

So I got tired just typing all of that. Here’s a picture of Zelda to calm us  all down:

It’s hard to eat well when you’re traveling a lot and stressed out and all you want to do is curl up with a bottle of wine and watch Supernatural on Netflix. My diet has been pretty hit or miss for the past sev-er-al months. In October, I was deep in election mode, and ate a lot of frozen meals and canned soup. In November, I drank a lot of wine and ate a lot of chocolate. In December I did okay despite being on the road a lot (10 points for an Airbnb that’s three blocks from a Whole Foods!) but now I’m packing the kitchen, so I’m going to be microwave-dependent for another week or so. There’s no brilliant insight coming. This is just me feeling overwhelmed.

To get back on track, I’ve signed up for the Clean Food Dirty Girl Plant Based Reset. It’s kind of an investment ($249 for five weeks) but I decided it’s worth it. For the month of January, I’m committing to eat entirely whole food plant based and taking better care of  myself. And G is doing it with me! I’m hoping to share the experience here.

I also want to talk about our mostly-vegan exchange of vows in Asheville, and my experience with Paxil and IBS. And virtual therapy through the TalkSpace app. And working from home. And eating vegan in Raleigh. As per usual, I’m hopeful that I’ll pick up blogging and cooking again once things slow down in my world. Wish me luck!


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