About StrongandBrave

2014-03-20 16.20.21

I am making an attempt to revive this blog for a few reasons, but the most significant is that I was recently diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). I’ve found a couple of blogs where people talk about successfully managing IBS (linked in the blogroll) and reading them helped me to feel like I might be normal again one day, too.

IBS is different for everyone, so nothing in this blog should be taken as medical advice. Also, most of it is probably goofy.

When I’m not obsessing about my stomach, I am the Program Director for a small, youth-focused reproductive justice nonprofit in Washington, DC. I’ve moved around a lot for political organizing jobs, but my heart belongs to California. And if you like the blog, you’ll LOVE me on twitter. You can check me out there (@MariCat) if you want.


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